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About Winnor Academy Of Business English

Welcome to Winnor Academy of Business English. We are native English speakers and our lessons have been developed for those wanting to improve their knowledge and skill in using Business English in their workplace. In addition to achieving the high standards and obtaining the qualifications to teach English, specializing in Business and teaching IELTS preparations, our senior instructor has owned several successful companies, graduated with the Master of Business Administration, Master in Hotel Management and Tourism, Master in Digital Marketing and e-Commerce and a Master in Commerce Management and Marketing. We believe that our business knowledge, experience and education will provide you with the necessary tools to achieve your dreams for you and your family.

Teaching Business English Without Borders

Winnor Academy of Business English specializes in helping you improve your Business English-speaking skills in your workplace and when traveling the world for business. We offer a wide range of business specific English lessons that you can customize based on your personal preference and interest. Learning English terminology in your specific business area will open many opportunities for you in English-speaking countries around the world. This new skill will also provide you with the confidence to speak English to friends, associates and guests visiting in your home country and in your travels.

English is the number one language spoken around the world and more specifically, in the business world. A good command of the English language in business environments can improve job opportunities and enable success in business. As learning English is becoming mandatory in many companies, we can help you acquire some of the many benefits by learning this internationally accepted language.